- The mouth publicity management product has been just launched!

15 February 2022
post - The mouth publicity management product has been just launched!

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Author: Ajaykrishnan V, Logic Innovates Pvt. Ltd.

Date: 14 Feb 2022 | Launch Venue: Premier Technology Building, IT Park, Nagpur


• software, one of its kind - mouth publicity marketing tool has been launched today.
•    Logic Innovates stepping up to its third milestone. Moulding into a new digital era with its marketing automation into unexplored marketing direction with its traditional fame-mouth publicity.  

Nagpur, February 14, 2022 - Logic Innovates Pvt. Ltd., A leading innovative business solutions company, today launches its marketing automation tool With the successful launch, the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have already started adopting the solutions with adequate frequency to enhance their marketing efficiency and cut costs on customer acquisition. 

Mouth Publicity - The potential marketing method already has been adopted in almost all businesses and hasn’t been properly implemented when it comes to online marketing. That was the first challenge Mr. Nirmallya Ghosh - Founder & Director at Logic Innovates Pvt. Ltd., was up against a few months before. And now we have

Moreover, the product launch has attracted more business owners to put their pain points to sleep and start reaching out to the right people who are already searching for them.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Nirmallya Ghosh - Founder & Director at Logic Innovates Pvt. Ltd., said, 

“ would help all businesses in different ways to grow big and create a huge impact on marketing campaigns.  Thank you to all the team for taking up every challenge and giving their best.”

Mr. Sankit Goyal - Co-founder & Director at Logic Innovates Pvt. Ltd., has been overwhelmed about the fact that™ has been already launched and said,

“ is an amazing project giving a great boost to  mouth publicity. A team had a done a great work within a less time span; Thank you to all the team members for all the hard work.” 

Mr. Sanjay Sinha - Founder & Director at MeFy Care Pvt. Ltd., said,

“Congratulations to the team who had contributed their effort. would definetly help people to market their products and services. I would really love to see how it goes.”

While talking about the launch Mr. Rahul Singh - Co-founder and Innovation Head at MeFy Care Pvt. Ltd., said, 

“Transforming mouthpublicity into its digital form seems something near to edge of technology. You guys have achieved something that first of its kind. seems to have a great potential .  Great team work. “ 

• software has been built with the motive to build trust in businesses.
•    The undoubted mouth publicity has been righteously implemented digitally.
•    Fully customizable and detailed analytical reports with who said what to whom.
•    Customer marketing with its infamous offers and rewards system.
•    The recent change with its unpredictable factors in the telecommunication industry can be attributed to WhatsApp marketing through its powerful API integration replacing SMS APIs.
•    Seeing tremendous growth through social media.

The launching celebration was all done with happy smiling faces and architectural hands of Launching a new product is always a challenge. As long as you are creating something that will in turn help the consumer and make their life easier; with the right marketing strategy, it's true success. 

For more information, you can visit their website or else you can contact them for queries at

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