is an organic marketing platform where you can market your brand, products, and services to new and existing customers. With, you can boost your customer reach and grow brand awareness by simply generating a link with attractive templates and sharing it with your customer. is a specially created link-sharing platform. One can easily create & share their business content link with their visitors and customers. Link content can contain any special offers, discounts, or any other promotional content. As the link is shared, the customers need to perform the specific task to avail the benefit that the link is providing.

Logic Innovates

Logic Innovates is your perfect business growth partner. Choose your next business plan strategy, see which product matches your needs, and start your growth with it now. No, there is no need to go to different platforms for different business objectives. Just click on the Logic Innovates’s product and find everything on one panel. Take your business online, communicate with your customers, and market your business with Logic Innovates


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