Top 5 Advanced & Mind-Blowing Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools in 2023

27 September 2023


Connecting to your customers online has become a necessity in the digital era. Almost every business is looking to build deeper relationships with its audience and working on ways to personalise the customer experience.  According to a survey by Facebook, 55% of people feel more connected to a brand when the brand uses a messaging app.

More revelations by Facebook suggested that over 58% feel more confident messaging a business than calling them. Additionally, more than 55% of people prefer messaging a business to emailing them.

People admitted it was because messaging was easy and convenient. However, 64% of them said it’s because they are “always messaging anyway”.


With WhatsApp having over 2.78 billion active users, businesses all around the world are looking to connect with their customers and potential clients on WhatsApp. There might not be a single internet user who has never heard of WhatsApp at all. Such has been the impact of WhatsApp on our everyday lives.


WhatsApp allows you to communicate with people instantly in real time. It is a messaging platform that has become a staple app of almost every mobile phone and household!

For businesses, WhatsApp can blow your mind with its 98% open rate, which is quite a huge number as compared to other platforms. It also has a higher conversion rate than other marketing channels.


Businesses have started connecting with people through Bulk WhatsApp Messaging. This has saved them from unnecessary effort and time which was painstakingly large and resulted in other priority tasks, including important conversations, being delayed.


WhatsApp Bulk Messaging enabled businesses to reach large audiences instantly. Moreover, cutting-edge technologies gave businesses the power to send personalised bulk WhatsApp Messages. The market is crowded with thousands of bulk WhatsApp senders, making it difficult for businesses to understand and choose a tool that suits their needs.

Choose from the Top 5 Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools For Your Business

1. WA Post


WA Post is one of the leading bulk WhatsApp Senders due to its safe and advanced features guaranteeing 100% Message Delivery. It allows you to send unlimited bulk messages, unlike other bulk WhatsApp messaging tools. It is the ultimate tool you’ll ever need when you want to reach out to your audience at scale. It offers advanced features in all its plans with unlimited support.

Connect Instantly

WA Post doesn’t have a delivery waiting period or time, unlike most of the other Bulk WhatsApp Senders. It allows you to connect with your customers or potential clients instantly.

Reach at the Right Time

WA Post allows you to reach your people at the right time, not everything has to be in the moment. Some messages are meant to be delivered for a date and time in the future. Instead of manually taking care of dates and times, leave your messages on automation.


WA Post lets you schedule your messages and takes care of it whether you’re logged in or logged out.

Connect with the Right People

WA Post helps you connect with the right people through its target marketing. It has a feature to segment your audience into different contact groups and lets you send different messages to contacts in different audience groups. It helps in “targeted and customised” messaging, helping you build better relationships with your audience.


Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

You can connect multiple WhatsApp Accounts on WA Post and synchronise the data. This ensures a smooth and seamless messaging experience without getting blocked or banned by WhatsApp.

WA Post is a robust tool for bulk WhatsApp Messages. Other than these features, you can

  • Send Personalised Messages

  • Share Unlimited Multimedia

  • Manage Blacklisted Contacts

  • Access Reports

  • Import and Export Data

  • Send Messages without Saving Contacts

  • Auto Verifies WhatsApp Numbers and Non-WhatsApp Numbers


Also, the pricing plans of WA Post have been crafted carefully keeping in mind the different needs and stages of a business.

2. What-Sender


What-Sender is another bulk WhatsApp Sender that allows businesses to message people in bulk. All you need to do is download the extension and you’re all set. Its paid plans allow you to 

  • Connect up to 5 WhatsApp Accounts

  • Send personalised bulk messages

  • Import your data from Excel or a CSV file.

  • Send Multimedia Files

  • Save your history

However, you will have to download the extension and can only connect up to 5 WhatsApp Accounts, even with its paid plans.


 3. WhatSender Pro

WhatSender Pro is yet another bulk WhatsApp sender tool that allows you to reach a large number of people with ease. It offers free updates and support for a year and can only be used on a single system. WhatSender has amazing features that can take your business by storm. It allows you to


  • Import and export data

  • Send personalised messages

  • Send multiple bulk messages

  • Delivery Reports and Campaign Reports

  • Anti Blocking Module


However, there are a lot more features depending on the plan you choose, such as:


  • Auto verification of numbers

  • Sending multimedia messages with caption

  • Schedule messages

  • Sending multimedia messages in group

  • Autoreply/Custom Chatbot


4. BWS

BWS is another robust bulk WhatsApp Sender. It helps in reaching people at scale with its advanced bulk messaging features. However, those come at a price. You can use only one system to send bulk messages unless you purchase their two-year subscription. Moreover, you’ll have to download the application on your system to use it.

Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

You can connect multiple WhatsApp accounts to your BWS Account to avoid getting banned or blocked.

Send Multivariant Messages

This is the feature that makes BWS send out. BWS automatically creates multiple variations of the message you want to share with your audience. It aids further in the prevention of any risks of getting banned or blocked.

Import Data

BWS allows you to import your data so that you don’t have to manually enter all the data.

Other than these, BWS also lets you


  • Access Reports

  • Auto verifies WhatsApp Numbers and Non-WhatsApp Numbers

  • Send Messages Without Saving the Number

  • Send Personalised Messages


The user interface can be challenging for some people. However, they have resources available on their website to help you with the same. Once you know your way around, it makes for a great tool to be used.

5. Trueline Solution


Bulk WhatsApp Software provided by Trueline Solution is one of the best softwares present for bulk WhatsApp messaging. It is safe and a reliable software to use. It comes with handy features and is a robust software for effective messaging. You can download the software and avail the following features:


  • Auto verification of Contact Numbers

  • Anti block Module

  • Google Map extractor

  • Customised Messages

  • Multiple WhatsApp Accounts


There are more features depending completely on the the plan that you choose for yourself, such as -


  • Dynamic Chatbot

  • Autoreply

  • Group Posting

  • Importing the Data


The data suggests that the average open rate of an email is 16.9% and the conversion rate from emails is 10.29%.

Thus, using Bulk WhatsApp Sender for an effective marketing and communication makes sense. These top 5 Bulk WhatsApp Senders available in the market are being used extensively by businesses around the world. Bulk WhatsApp Senders allow businesses to be present where their customers are anytime and anywhere. A business that continually grows is a business that continually connects. Connect with your customers through the bulk WhatsApp senders that fit the needs of your business and watch it strive.

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