How to Use Text Messaging Marketing Services for Customer Engagement

10 March 2023


What is Text Messaging Marketing Services?

Text messaging marketing services are tools that allow businesses to send marketing messages via text message to their customers. These services typically include a web-based dashboard that businesses can use to create and send messages to their customers. Some services also offer features like subscriber management, automated messages, and analytics.

The main benefit of text messaging marketing services is that they allow businesses to connect with their customers in a personal and direct way. Since most people carry their phones with them at all times, text messages are more likely to be seen and read than other forms of marketing like email or social media.

Text Message Marketing for business


Benefits of using Text Message Marketing for business 

Texting customers is a great way to connect with them. The click-through rate for text message marketing communications is 36%, while the average for email marketing is 6–7%. Additionally, customers must opt in to receive text messages from you to indicate their interest in what you have to offer.

Text message marketing allows you to easily reach a large number of customers, which is another advantage. Mass text blasts, for instance, can be used to inform recipients of upcoming events or special offers. In addition to giving the customer a sense of individuality, this method of communication allows you to send numerous text messages at once, which saves your time.

Text message marketing communication with customers is made even simpler by automation. To maintain customer engagement with minimal effort on your part, you can automate certain campaigns, such as welcome messages, delivery notifications, and reminders. These messages are sent when a specific customer action, like making a purchase, occurs after your campaign is set up.

One of the most common uses for this communication method is Text message marketing. As a showcasing channel, Text message marketing is convenient, financially savvy, and locking in. 

However, we'll get into the many applications of text message marketing in the following section, and marketing is just one of them.

Send Relevant Messages

One of the keys to successful text messaging marketing is sending relevant messages. This means messages that are tailored to the individual subscriber based on their behaviour or preferences.

For example, if a subscriber has purchased a specific product in the past, you could send them a message when that product goes on sale. Or if a subscriber has shown an interest in a particular topic, you could send them related content or promotions.

It's also crucial to consider the timing of your messages. Avoid sending messages too frequently or at inappropriate times. And always make sure the content of your messages is valuable and relevant to the recipient.

How to Use Text Message Marketing Services 

There are a lot of different ways to use text message marketing for your business, from setting up automations for text messages to talking to customers. The following are some of the most typical uses:

  • Notifications of Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA): Customers receive real-time updates and estimated delivery times via text message marketing from ride-sharing and delivery services.

  • Service warnings: For businesses like IT administrators, alert messages can be very important. For instance, you can get notifications with a deadline for outages or errors that need to be fixed quickly.

  • Lead warnings: When potential leads request information, sales teams can send notifications via automated text message marketing.

  • Reminders for appointments: Text message marketing is used by hair salons and healthcare providers to send customers automated reminders and other important information.

  • Messages for business: You can send coupons and discounts, let customers know about contests and chance to share news about product launches, and do a lot more with text message marketing services.

  • Conversations: Businesses can use text message marketing to have conversations with customers, such as anonymous chats and interactions with customer service.


Text message marketing is a great and effective way for businesses to engage their customers and boost sales. Sending the right message can get the customer to respond and thus increase your bottom line. If you want to try out this marketing tool, we made a list of things that you should consider when using Text message marketing for business.

Text message marketing promotes greater interaction rates, response rates, and conversion. If you’re looking for messaging solutions, you can go with one of our products called that helps enterprises and businesses to implement their messaging and  communication strategy.




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